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Monarch system



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1 hour ago, Sentrix said:

Emm, I do not know what to say xD, well, you looked at the bottom of the post in here: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/131-full-monarch-system/ , you have the no diff version which is step-by-step shown how to install it onto your server

He mean that, as Shogun say, one function used in quest is bugged and for run it you need to edit db core with a diff but Damixx don't wont a diff but want change source...

So solution is this...

Open Monarch.cpp in source db, find this

"UPDATE monarch set money=%lld; where empire=%d", m_MonarchInfo.money[Empire], Empire);

and replace with this

"UPDATE monarch set money=%lld where empire=%d", m_MonarchInfo.money[Empire], Empire);


Problem is just a semicolon put in the middle of query ;)

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