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Searching for quest.



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quest event_drop begin
    state start begin
		local name_event = "name_of_event"
		local level_min = 75	-- level min for drop
		local level_max = 90	-- level max for drop
		local prob = 10			--	10% chance of drop
		local item_vnum = 50513	-- item that you want drop in event
		local item_quantity = 1 -- quantity of item that you want drop
		when kill with npc.is_pc() == false and game.event_flag(name_event) == 1 begin
			if pc.get_level() >= level_min and pc.get_level() <= level_max then	-- remove this line if you don't want level limit
				if number(1,100) <= prob then
					game.drop_item_with_ownership(item_vnum, item_quantity)
			end																	-- remove this line if you don't want level limit


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