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Sash system problems



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Tasho you are the best , thx .
Problem solved 

Sorry for my bad english :P

#Edit : know i have an over problem :

If you have COSTUME_MOUNT enabled, put in gametype.h, this:

const DWORD c_New_Equipment_Start = c_Equipment_Start + 22;

like this:

const DWORD c_New_Equipment_Start = c_Equipment_Start + 23;

And let me explain you why. You have start index at costume system 19. Costume body = slot 19, costume hair 20. After, belt/ring system starts at index 21, but if you add shoulders + mount at costume system, 19 + 4 = 23. So, belt system start index will be 23 from now, untill you'll add some new slots to costume system. :D I hope that you'll learn C++ very soon.

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