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Channel 1 Character stuck



Hey guys!

Recently I got a problem with my 40k server file.
If I'm on CH1 and I type /go t my character get stuck in temple, but if I go to CH2 and log in there is no problem.

Every single map is effected by this stuck thingy except map1-map2.

The CH1 config map allow is the same as the CH2 one.

Here are the syserrs:


Start of pid: 776

SYSERR: Oct 14 12:45:44.472906 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:60500, could not connect.
SYSERR: Oct 14 12:46:30.899011 :: heart_idle: losing 42 seconds. (lag occured)




Start of pid: 773

SYSERR: Oct 14 12:45:44.415934 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Out of range value for column 'time' at row 1 (query: INSERT INTO bootlog (time, hostname, channel) VALUES(NOW(), 'auth', 1) errno: 1264)
SYSERR: Oct 14 12:45:44.440554 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:60500, could not connect.


Anyone got something I can do with it?

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The syserr doesn't tell any important warning, but i heard from some people, if game.core is exist in the channel folders, they had problems with teleporting.


Szóval azt hallottam bizonyos emberektől, ha a game.core jelenlétével indították el a szervert, akkor sokszor beragadtak teleportálás közben. Töröld ha vannak game.core-ok. Egy próbát megér. Meg amúgy sem egészséges ha game.core-al indítjuk a szervert. Amúgy a bootlog táblának így kellene kinéznie: http://pastebin.com/xH8dVZJe Valószínűleg azért írja az out of range-t mert más típuson van. De ha nem, akkor ennek lehet köze a hibához, kiindulásnak jó. (Többi syserr nem fontos, mindenkinek írja)
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Deleted the game.core files, but the problem is still up. The bootlog is kinda suspicious because it's the same you just put in pastebin, but still says that it's wrong.
Character is still stuck.

Finally managed to get something useful(?) in the syserr:

Start of pid: 769
SYSERR: Oct 15 08:54:15.648014 :: socket_connect: HOST ***.***.**.***:51110, could not connect.
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