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[Q]About Dragon soul refine



Hello guys
While i trying dragon alchemy i m able to do upgrade class and clarity ..but level of dragon stone ( strength) cant be increase...
Here is the picture


If i click too nothing happens..
In sys error i get this

any solution for this ?
Thanks in advance...

DoRefineStrength: INVALID DRAGON SOUL(114410)

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This is obviously an item_proto issue. You need to check both clientside and serverside for the neccesary vnums. If you analyse the vnum of the dragon soul you will realise this:

Let's take for example an Excellent Perfect Black dragon soul+6. The vnum is 164460. 16 = Black dragon soul 4(first) = grade (legendary) 4(second) = clearity (excellent) and 60 = level(+6) so 16+4+4+60 = Dragon Soul (Black) Grade (Legendary) Clearity (Excellent) Level (+6)


Dragon Soul Kinds:

White = 11(XXX)0
Red = 12(XXX)0
Green = 13(XXX)0
Blue = 14(XXX)0
Orange = 15(XXX)0
Black = 16(XXX)0

Rough = (XX)0(XX)0
Cut = (XX)1(XX)0
Rare = (XX)2(XX)0
Ancient = (XX)3(XX)0
Legendary = (XX)4(XX)0

Matt = (XXX)0(X)0
Clear = (XXX)1(X)0
Flawless = (XXX)2(X)0
Brilliant = (XXX)3(X)0
Excellent = (XXX)4(X)0

+0 = (XXXX)00
+1 = (XXXX)10
+2 = (XXXX)20
+3 = (XXXX)30
+4 = (XXXX)40
+5 = (XXXX)50
+6 = (XXXX)60


If you still can't understand this quote this comment with your question and i will try to explain better :) hope i helped some

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This issue is from the vnum_range. Because your item_proto has something like this :





And the database cant read that.

In order to fix it, should i change item_proto reader to add the vnum_range table or manually add the 01-99 itens in item_proto?

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