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Books about cryptography?

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i'd like to buy a book about cryptography.

But now i don't know which i exactly should buy.


I think this is a good one: http://www.amazon.de/Moderne-Verfahren-Kryptographie-Zero-Knowledge-Edition/dp/3834812285/


But i want to have some opinions from other people :D


I would be happy if you knew other good books about cryptography or if you could tell something about the typed book.




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Hello @Remix :)

I was never the book-reading kinda guy but I think what you should do is first of all go for an e-book and not a physical item which some random amazon reseller can scam you easily with... Secondly do your research, there are plenty of kinds of cryptography and plenty kinds of code that can be cryptographed with these kinds of cryptography... Do your googling, target specific keywords for what type of cryptography you are interested to lean, then do your research on what book you need to learn the specific cryptography and master it.

I hope I was helpful :)

Kind regards ~ Mind Rapist

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