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how is the vm connected to your network ?




ping www.google.com



 He isn't able to ping outside with hamachi networking. 

Type ifconfig command to the BSD and it will show the IP address of the network it is configured to. If you see there your hamachi IP, you can also try giving a higher number in filezilla to the connection timeout, because if you don't delete the etc/resolv.conf file in hamachi network, it makes the ssh connection much slower.

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  thats what i get 10149391_757214424324045_1592765527_n.jp

and then byitself it changes the  changes i made on networking 


and its sets the default.


i think everything is okay with vm settings



You are setting it wrong, in the sysinstall, configure, networking, you need to set the IPv4 Getaway as your Hamachi IP, and in IPv4 Adress you need to put the same IP(Hamachi) with the last number group changed, and in the Filezilla, you connect to the IPv4 Adress(Hamachi IP Modified).


My local BSD run like that.




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