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[C++]Two questions



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Hi there !

I have two questions for C++ developers:

- Can somebody explain how to use this tutorial to make a security sistem ? (Game-Client comunication, when Client don't respond at specific packet get automatically ban)

- How to enable "pong" game/client part ?

Thank you !

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it isn't that hard, you can try it! :)

For 1)

You don't need to have a more secure system. First there's the sequence table. This helps you with everything you need to know. The server and the client binary do have a table. When they do the handshake, they're comparing their lists. If they mismatch, the connection will be closed. Just edit the sequence tables and you're good to go. No other binary will be able to connect to your server unless they're adapting their sequence table to yours.

If you still insist on creating a security system you can also just edit the login packet and stuff everything you need inside that. There's no need for a further packet, except you want to send it ingame but well.. There's the update packet which can do the same magic than you'd need.


For 2)

There's really really really really really no need to enable the old pong system. There's a reason for it to be old :) The new sequence table replaced the old pong. If you still want to revert this change, you can search for 


in your sources and comment it out (with // at the beginning, that's be enough). Do it on server and client source! :) But you'll loose the better security that comes with a sequence table if you're doing this.

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