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Hi all,


I decided to prepare this system, on the recommendation of a friend. I hope you enjoy, and you used. First, I do not think any bugs in the system. I tried to avoid any kind of bug that could, at least as far as I checked. If you encounter any bugs please let. The fix in a short time I publish a new one. In addition, the coding system for getting a bit of a hurry I could have done inexperience. Using the function, but was going to do it that way because I'm rushing. And it does not seem to have any problems in handy again.


What is the Offline Shopping System to do?


Players not in the game is a system that can even sell items.


How the system works?


Players throw on goods they want to sell NPC. Then, against the price, how long the information will remain on the sales and revenues which category you want to add. After making the selection of necessary attachments to exchange goods. Players may withdraw the goods and wills can update the prices of goods. It expires if the player's belongings after he blocked the sale of expired goods and goods sent to the player's safe entry and exit in the event of any game and is deleted from the shopping list. If a player of goods sold, Shopping Box of money is saved. If all merchandise sold money is kept there and wished you could take the money players.


If I'd let me share a detailed video on how the system works:






MySQL file "players" are adding to the database. You do not need to take any action. (After making the additions you do not need to take REBOOT)


Now we need to do another operation. "Player" table below, right click the "Design Table" call.







Then, "we alisveris_para" We are adding to our database column name.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The default value of 0 must do! Very important.










Now between the amount of money. (Period) we came to put function. You also have to add this function. If you do not include this function the system work. According to him, it was coded. Now add to that function will show:


"questlib.lu" file, we are opening and closing, add the following code at the bottom. No need to reboot to take. No need to take any further action. "questlib.lu to" the bottom of the Simply add the code I have given below.



function genel_veri(gelen_miktar)
	gelen2 = tostring(gelen_miktar)
	local gelen = gelen_miktar 
	local sayac = 10
	local basamak = 1
	local ilkhal = basamak
	while true do
		if gelen / sayac >= 1 then
			basamak = basamak + 1
			sayac = sayac * 10
	t = {}
	sonucText = ""
	for i=1, string.len(gelen2) do
		t[i]= (string.sub(gelen2,i,i))
	for k , v in pairs(t) do--1324
		if (basamak  == 9 or basamak == 6 or basamak == 3) and sonucText !=  "" then
			sonucText = sonucText.."."
			sonucText = sonucText..v
			sonucText = sonucText..v
		basamak = basamak - 1
	return sonucText



After this process the bit "quest_functions" file and opens to the bottom "genel_ver" function, we are adding. We're done with this place.




LUA swipe file:



 1) usr / game / share / locale / turkey / quests section "alisveris_sistemi.lu to" We put the file. Later;


 2) We come to putty.


 cd / usr / game / share / locale / turkey / quests are enterliy wrote. Then we write the following command.


 ./qc alisveris_sistemi.lua


 We are done with putty.

 3) We're going to the game and with a GM character "/ reload q" is suffering.

 4) Then you can start using the Offline Shopping System.

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