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Question average 100% and ...



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Next time, use Questions and Answers forum, please.

I think you want to change hit damage bonus on items. You can do that by editing file item_addon.cpp

int iSkillBonus = MINMAX(-30, (int) (gauss_random(0, 5) + 0.5f), 30);

// HIT BONUS (based on skill bonus)
int iNormalHitBonus = 0;
if (abs(iSkillBonus) <= 20)
	iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + abs(number(-8, 8) + number(-8, 8)) + number(1, 4);
	iNormalHitBonus = -2 * iSkillBonus + number(1, 5);

For item bonuses search in char_item.cpp


and replace this

if (item2->GetAttributeCount() < 4)

with this

if (item2->GetAttributeCount() < 5)

Good luck.

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