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GameForge and Ymir recruiting


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Apparently both companies are recruiting people to work for them.
Ymir seems to be more into it, since they're lack of programers.

As I read, they only have, like, 25 people and only 3 programers, atm working on Metin2.

I don't know if this is true, or if you guys already know this,

but I see lots of potential here in this forum, and why not share with you.

Maybe, who knows, they could chose you to work for them and gain lots of money, because that's the definition of Metin2.

This can be your chance/time to shine.
Webzen Ymir

And please let know if this is true, if not just delete this.

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  • Moon

mhh is leave ymir entartaiment. I don't know new programmer names. You may right about this. Because old ymir is better than new one. Also you can't find ymir entertainment company in korea. Ymir & Webzen Games. Metin2 is try to develop itself again. They are update some packs sometime. New programmer is use 3ds max 2009. I guess old ymir is use 3ds max 2005. I don't remember as exactly. Everything may change but this is not mean update everything. Everyone is thinking metin2 going to sh*t. @Night is said something about this too. And I am only see one thing. That's gameforge is try all ways for earn more money from the players.

Kind Regards


Do not be sorry, be better.

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Metin2 has lost its popularity as official(thought it was not different for pvp), MOBA games and mobile games more popular and more attention. Now metin2 and similar types of games gain will not be. As we all know, Gameforge doing completely P2W type games and killing the life of the game, I defend that the future of the alternatives should be considered

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