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Hair problem



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Hello !


I don't know why, but since few times, my player table is haunted...


Why ?


Once upon a time, all my level, playtime etc... couldn't compute because of "part_main", indeed the number overflowed the "smallint" of the column.


So I decided to modify this column to an int. And it worth it.


But now, at every reboot all my characters loose their hair, and if i take a look in player, at "part_hair" there's the vnum of my weapon, and in "part_main"there's... something.

Screen :  1X07FOU.png


So, I don't know from where this bug from, I think it's in the db source but there's anything wrong inside...


Thanks and have a nice day.

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You have certainly modify common files and you forget to compile db ^^

No, my gamefile and my db were recently compilated together in order to include the new c++ version, and my common is generally untouched. ^^


Thanks anyway

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Go to:


1.Navicat and open your server.

2.Go to 'player' table.

3.Go to 'player' subtable and right-click on it.

4.Select Design Table.

5.Go to part_main and type you need to put 'smallint' and lenght '6'.


If it doesn't work, your part_main seems to be very big on that number, do exactly what I said upper but you'll need to put 'varchar' and lenght '24'. :D

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I already designed all my column after the overflowing bug, the problem stay the same, thanks anyway :x


Yeah, my weapon is still at the "part_main"


I'm pretty lost because the only place where part_main and part_hair is updated is from clientmanagerplayer.cpp but this file is untouched (a bit)...

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