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Need Tutorial with Adding armors



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Hello, my problem is well this is not a problem but I don't know how others might understand this but never mind ;D. I want to have detailed tutorial how to add armors and weapons to my server ^_^.


I have got some files that I want to add ( read armors) each of the folder contains files listed below :

- .jpg

- .gr2

- .tga

- .png


Am not that newbie so I know what each file stands for :D So I think this list is pointless but it might be useful for some people.   (* Am using game not source 34k)



Thank you for your time spent reading this stuff that I have written above, it took me a while to do it. 

Thanks as well to those who will give me the answer that I will understand :D.



P.S. This is the first time that I will try adding a new armor to my server.



Thank you ! Even when you don't help.

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Ah i forgot the weapons,


to add them you must go in locale and in item list

put the value like this


ex.    52    WEAPON       icon/item/00050.tga        d:/ymir work/item/weapon/00050.gr2


icon/item/00050.tga <--- the directory of icon          d:/ymir work/item/weapon/00050.gr2 <----- directory of 3d model

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To add armour:


Take your files .gr2 and put them with .dds or .tga in this directory of the client:


d:/ymir work/pc (or) pc2/race of character/


Now go to root and in the .msm files (ex. assassin_m.msm for male)

and scroll almost to the end and search for:


Group ShapeData"number"  (ex.  Group ShapeData150 )


and copy the entire function just after with a ShapeData151.

In ShapeIndex you have to put a number that does not exist in the other ShapeIndex


(ex. ShapeIndex         4334)


This number you must put after in item_proto in the value of the armour on value3="4334" to give the 3d model.



In Model put the gr2 of your armour:


(ex.     Model          "assassin_carnival1.gr2" )


and in SourceSkin put the .dds or .tga.

You can remove TargetSkin.


After go over the file and search:


ShapeDataCount      "put the number next to the one put in Group ShapeData"


(ex. if you have Group ShapeData151 you must put 152 in ShapeDataCount)


Now we have done with the .msm


Now go to locale in item_proto put in the string of the armour on value3="value of ShapeIndex" as explained above.

Then add the icon in the armor item_list.txt  and make the part database in item_proto.


We have done with armour.


I hope it can be useful and sorry for bad english.

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