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Does anybody know, which magic number do a fresh compiled binary from the mainline_sg branch use? I looked for the python.dll, they py version is 2.7.3, so i downloaded python 2.7.3 and compiled the pyc files from the python source, but still the bad magic number error appears. Also i thought the SG libs could work, they didn't.


When i use the lib folder from the extern folder, the client does work, yes, but than the client load's the py files and not the pyc files, the pyc files from Extern also have a bad magic, and everyone should see that it isn't the best idea to use py files which get loaded by the binary, cause if the binary use the py files it's more than easy to execute python code, like pythonbots / python extractor etc.

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The binary does not contains any magic number and the magic number is equal with the first 4 byte in the pyc files. If you want to change the magic number, then you just need to change in the python22.dll/python27.dll and of course in the pyc files.











the default magic number in 2.2:

2D ED 0D 0A

in 2.7:

03 F3 0D 0A
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