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Big Attack Speed = Logout



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Here is the Attack Speed check:


		if (CheckSpeedHack)
			int iDelta = (int) (pinfo->dwTime - ch->GetDesc()->GetClientTime());
			int iServerDelta = (int) (dwCurTime - ch->GetDesc()->GetClientTime());

			iDelta = (int) (dwCurTime - pinfo->dwTime);

			// ½Ã°£ÀÌ ´Ê°Ô°£´Ù. ÀÏ´Ü ·Î±×¸¸ ÇصдÙ. ÁøÂ¥ ÀÌ·± »ç¶÷µéÀÌ ¸¹ÀºÁö üũÇؾßÇÔ. TODO
			if (iDelta >= 30000)
				sys_log(0, "SPEEDHACK: slow timer name %s delta %d", ch->GetName(), iDelta);
			// 1ÃÊ¿¡ 20msec »¡¸® °¡´Â°Å ±îÁö´Â ÀÌÇØÇÑ´Ù.
			else if (iDelta < -(iServerDelta / 50))
				sys_log(0, "SPEEDHACK: DETECTED! %s (delta %d %d)", ch->GetName(), iDelta, iServerDelta);

U can remove all this part or you can comment just


if you want the check and the log.

Hope to have helped you,

Lup =)

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