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VSCode encoding(Korean text after using VSCode)

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Hello guys,


Since most people still use Notepad++, it will be useful to just a few people only.

So, if you just start the VSCode and edit files, it'll f.cked your korean text. (LC_TEXT) (For me, it did)

You should go to Preferences - Settings - Search for "encoding" and change the "UTF8" to "ISO 8859-1" (And disable auto guess encoding if it's enabled)




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You can actually reopen/save a file with any encoding of your choice (without setting the default encoding) from the quick menu in vscode. Although I wouldn't recommend it because I still can't get it to work properly with some diacritics even after setting it correctly. 


What's worth mentioning also regarding those kind of files with ISO 8859-1 encoding is that when you work with git, you need to set them to binary mode like that and enforce line endings if you work on different environments. Put this in .gitattributes

*.txt eol=crlf
*.txt binary
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