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How to avoid scammers and resellers and my tips for being a good seller

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Be careful

Metin2 is a large global community full of enthusiasts, developpers, gamers and not honest users... However, it's important to remain attentive, as some individuals may have malicious intentions. There you will come across resellers, scammers and leakers looking to take advantage of others. These people, hungry for profit, may use complex methods to pose as trustworthy in order to gain your trust and exploit your resources.

It's crucial to act with caution and discernment within this community. Get to know those you interact with, check seller's backgrounds, and don't give out sensitive information without reliable safeguards. Keep in mind that despite the passion shared by many Metin2 players, remaining vigilant and knowledgeable is vital to protecting your gaming experience and interests.




What steps can I take to ensure a member's trustworthiness within the Metin2 community?

To assess the trustworthiness of a Metin2 community member, look at the releases they have made, such as shared resources and tutorials. Also check other members' feedback and comments on their posts. Members with deserving distinctive ranks are often more reliable, as they have earned the trust of the administration through their releases and behavior.


What caution should I observe before trusting a newcomer in Metin2?

Before trusting a new member, take the time to observe their interactions and releases within the community. Be particularly careful if the member is very new and has not yet had the opportunity to prove himself. Seek reviews or recommendations from other established members before making meaningful exchanges or collaborations.


Should I prioritize interacting with long-established members for safer transactions in Metin2?

Interacting with long-time members can often be safer, especially if these individuals have a good history and have earned distinctive ranks for their merit. These members are generally more invested in the community and have a reputation to maintain. However, assessing each situation individually is important, checking the member's background and releases, whether new or old.


Why should I buy from the official developer and not a reseller?

Buying directly from the developer rather than a reseller has several significant advantages. First, it ensures that the product developer is fairly rewarded for their time and expertise, encouraging the continuation of their innovative work. Additionally, developers often provide ongoing technical support and updates, while resellers may lack the knowledge necessary to offer such service. By choosing the developer, you help support the development ecosystem and ensure a more reliable and secure product experience. Are you really considering risking quality and support for a lower upfront cost, at the expense of the development community?


Metin2 Dashboard

For several months, I have dedicated myself to developing scripts and cron jobs in order to design innovative tools using data from the forum database and Discord. My goal is to create a comprehensive dashboard that compiles all relevant information that is already publicly available. The Metin2 dashboard is divided into several sections, each providing a cross-referenced and detailed view of information by merging various data sources. I encourage you to use this table as a practical guide to assist customers or sellers in identifying potentially suspicious users and thereby strengthening the safety of our community.



Pillory -> This dashboard is designed to catalog all users identified for various offenses such as scam, refund request abuse, unauthorized resale or leak. It draws its data from both the forum and an external database to include individuals not registered on the forum. Users have the option to filter this information using the forum account name, Discord handle, Discord ID, or other relevant information displayed. Quick navigation buttons are made available to access the member's profile on the forum in one click or to detect multiple accounts linked to a specific user.


Multi Accounts

Accounts -> This dashboard is specially designed to list all multi-accounts by tracing connections recursively. It uses either IP addresses, although this information is often less reliable due to the frequent use of VPNs, proxies and the TOR network, or identification by device, which is generally more reliable, provided that one of the connected accounts is banned. For easy navigation, simply click on member names to visit their detailed profiles.



Search -> This dashboard offers an advanced search function to locate specific accounts within the forum. Use it to filter by username, Discord ID, Skype, website address, and other relevant criteria. It displays the current status of each account, with a direct link to the pillory for banned accounts. Convenient shortcuts allow you to quickly access the member's profile, identify associated multi-accounts, or browse the member's interactions and reactions for in-depth analysis.



Discord -> This dashboard is designed to list all Discord accounts that have, at one time or another, joined our server. This allows you to determine the forum account associated with each member, whether an association exists, as well as view specific details of their Discord account, such as their current status on our server, including whether they are still an active member or not. they were banned.



Metin2 Dashboard

  • It may be necessary to cross-reference multiple search criteria such as forum username, Discord nickname, or Discord user account ID to obtain the most accurate and complete results.
  • When doing your research, pay close attention to the Discord account ID while considering other relevant information for further analysis.
  • Use this dashboard to consult and evaluate feedback and comments from seller customers as well as member reviews, in order to inform yourself in an informed manner. -> Marketplace.

Metin2 Dev

  • While we make every effort to verify the reliability of each seller, we strongly advise you to review the activity of the member in question, including their posts and releases in support of the forum community, for additional assurance.
  • Although we are not the only forum in the Metin2 community, it may be wise to also consult other forums to find out if the member in question has a history of scams, illegal resale, or distribution of copyrighted content.
  • Solicit references on multiple forums and ask users about their past purchasing experiences. It's crucial to ensure that both the seller and the buyer have a solid reputation and are recognized as reliable within the community.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the accuracy of the information presented, do not hesitate to contact us by opening a ticket on the Discord server. Please note that the data provided is for informational purposes and cannot in any way engage our liability in the event of an inconvenience such as a scam. We ensure that the information is constantly updated, with updates carried out automatically or manually, depending on the nature and origin of the data.



How to be a good seller?

The following represents my opinions and expectations as a customer when interacting with a seller for service. I will share my thoughts on the key qualities and behaviors for a successful and professional transaction. Based on my experiences, I hope to offer useful insight into what makes a good customer-provider relationship and how this can improve service delivery.


Business process

Exchanges between customers and sellers are broken down into several important phases, before, during and after the purchase. Initially, the customer explores and compares products or services, then contacts the seller to discuss prices and terms. After agreement, the transaction takes place, including delivery or execution of the service, accompanied by regular communication for adjustments. Following this, the customer settles the payment and can share their opinion on the experience. The after-sales service takes over for any necessary support. The seller provides post-sales follow-up to verify satisfaction and encourage loyalty. This process aims to establish a lasting and satisfactory relationship between the customer and the seller.


Before the sale

Don't approach selling simply as a way to generate income. Favor transactions with serious and reliable customers to avoid complications. It's true that just as there are unscrupulous sellers, some customers can also pose problems. Take the time to carefully select your customers, examining their history and behavior, to build successful, hassle-free business relationships. Avoid taking on new customers if you are already very busy, to prevent overload that could destabilize your work and damage your reputation if you fail to meet your commitments.

Be transparent with information and realistic about deadlines. Is the product sold exclusive or also available to other customers? Do you use recurring graphic elements or a consistent style across all your projects? It's important that your customer is aware of these details to avoid any risk of plagiarism on their part.

Before starting a sale or service, it's important to have a good discussion with the customer to understand their objectives in order to adapt your offer to their needs, thus reducing the risk of misunderstandings. Understanding the urgency of the project helps you plan your work without deadline conflicts. Discussing the budget allows you to find common ground that respects the customer's expectations and means. Consider customer preferences from the start to personalize your service. Finally, be clear about what you will deliver, how and when. Create a written agreement detailing the services, deadlines, costs, payment terms, duration of support and its possible cost after expiration and the conditions of any modification or cancellation.


During the sale

Ensure effective collaboration by allowing time for customer feedback and revisions, thus adjusting the service to their needs and avoiding differences between what is expected and delivered. Ask questions to clarify any unclear points and avoid assumptions. Keep the customer regularly informed of the progress of the project to engage and reassure, while quickly addressing any potential issues or questions.

To provide quality services, keeping your commitments and delivering on time strengthens your reputation. Communicate simply and directly, and remain professional and positive, even when difficulties arise.


After the sale

Good customer service or after-sales service is characterized by a seller who actively communicates with their customers, giving them respect and attention, without ever ignoring or devaluing them.

When faced with a dissatisfied or disappointed customer, especially if a refund is requested but refused, the seller must remain professional and consistent to maintain credibility. Ignoring complaints or responding in a hostile manner only makes matters worse and can damage reputation. It's crucial to remain transparent, clearly explain refund policies, and not make unrealistic promises or blame the customer. The same goes for threats or blackmail from a customer, always maintain your professionalism. Keep a copy of all messages, including problematic behaviors. Work to resolve the customer's concerns by clarifying misunderstandings and reiterating the terms of your contract, such as deadlines and costs. Think carefully about whether continuing the relationship with this customer is worth it or whether canceling and refunding the order is better. Addressing the situation seriously and calmly is crucial to defending your interests.

If the seller is at fault, such as in the case of delays, poor service, or inappropriate behavior, the seller must acknowledge their mistakes and sincerely apologize. It's essential to engage in an open dialogue with the customer to understand their expectations and offer appropriate solutions such as refunds or additional services.



How to be a good customer?

To be a good customer, begin any interaction by expressing precisely what you want from the product or service, including your specific needs, preferences, and goals. Courtesy and respect in your interactions contribute to establishing a positive and professional relationship.

Also be realistic about your expectations on price, quality and deadlines. Understand the constraints to avoid asking for unachievable things or underestimating the value of the seller's work, also respect the time necessary for the seller to prepare, execute or deliver the requested service or product. Processes take time, especially if they are custom or complex. Remember, you are not their only customer.

Research the seller and the product thoroughly. Evaluate the reliability and reputation of the seller. Look for reviews, testimonials, or forum discussions about past sales. Review his contributions to the community, such as shares, tutorials, and support he may have offered. This can give you a good indication of their skills, expertise and commitment to customers.

Check the authenticity of the product. Make sure what the seller is offering isn't stolen from another developer. A product developed by the seller himself will guarantee better support but also better quality and safety. In addition to contributing to copyright, you contribute to the prosperity of the Metin2 community, do not buy from resellers and favor the developer of the product you are looking for.

Depending on the product, check if it's unique or if it's resold to several customers, if the seller uses an identical style, pattern or assets in each of these creations. This avoids the risk of plagiarism and ensures that you receive a personalized and exclusive service, which meets your needs.

A reliable seller will be transparent and answer your questions. Taking the time to do this research can save you future inconvenience and ensure your investment is worth it. Provide helpful feedback after purchase to help the seller improve. Happy ? Recommend it to others. These actions promote a positive experience for you and the seller.

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