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Interested in a premium serverfile

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I am looking for a complete serverfile that includes:
- Classic textures/interface (no major modifications for maps)
- Multilanguage system (with everything already added to be properly translated into all languages)
- Global search shop (allowing you to add items from your shop from anywhere and also search and buy items on the market from any map or channel)
- Increased stack size from 200
- No syserr server/client errors
- Dungeon-info system
- Suppoort for ingame integration of Metin2CMS Itemshop

Additionally, I would also require the following extra systems already installed:

- No loading bar system (for instant loading in-game after character selection or teleportation)
- Extended blend affect system(activable items)
- Functional anti-farm-block system (max 2 clients can get drop/yang/etc)

When purchasing this server file, I will also require support for installing everything and further help with resolving any existing bugs in the systems that are already implemented.

I would also need the seller to be available to host the server on a VPS (we already have one that we can provide access to) or on their personal VPS, so we can properly test the product and see if it meets our needs.

If you have an offer, please private message me.

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