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Site: https://vivy-world2.online/

Download: https://vivy-world2.online/download

Discord: https://discord.gg/Fes3ENR2EW


Server language: English

Server type: Pvm easy/medium

Open channels: 4

Maxiumum level: 120 (Content up to level 100 for now.)

Classic maximum bonus values.



Starting items:












--- Level 30 weapons drop from bestial monsters chest.
--- Higher level armours and accessories drop in spider caves.
--- Level 70 armours and 65 weapons drop from level 75/80/85/90 metin stones.
--- Level 70 weapons drop from level 70 metin stones in Giants Land.
--- Level 75 weapons drop in v3/v4 at Setaou monsters.
--- You can drop stones +4 at the v3 Ice Witch.
--- You can drop stones +5 at the v4 Ice Witch.
--- Biologist quests up to level 90. (Waiting time can be reset.)

--- Each metin stone you kill will give you 1 x Piece of Crystal wich can be used in the "Special Farm Shop".

--- Each boss you kill will give you 1 x Crystal wich can be used in the "Special Farm Shop".
--- Each metin stone has a chance to drop a + version wich is 5 levels above the normal one and has better drops.

--- From these metin stones with + you can drop 6/7 bonuses.

--- Added 2 new bonuses: Strong against Bosses and Strong against Metin Stones.


--- "Moonlight Treasure Chest" drop always online.
--- "Hexagonal Treasure Chest" drop always online.
--- Each weekend there will be rates +100%.
--- Each sunday at 19:00 or 20:00 the "Red Dragon" will be spawned in Fireland.


For more informations join our discord server.

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