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Configuring Mysql 5.6 problem

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Hello at first sorry for my bad English i try to explain without translate xD

so my problem is that i used to install freebsd13.1 as .iso on an separate computer following this tutorial/guide

 All clear untill mysql install part 
i know it's a big difference from bsd9 to 13.1 but i watched another video of installing mysql 5.6
and it was like mine without any error at the end of compile 
maybe they changed commands or directory of configs and i can't find them
i really don't know where to find the log of mysql install to see if i do something wrong
Don't say i should work on an virtualbox file i just need an fresh bsd as iso with all needed pgk for a m2server that's what i trying to do
or i will be happy if i can somehow move the freebsd 12+ with all pkg from .vdi to iso or install direct on that another PC any ideas will help me 

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8 hours ago, TAUMP said:

pkg mysql56-server 
sysrc mysql_enable="YES"

service mysql-server start

SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost=PASSWORD('yourpassword');

or make new acc



but highly recommend use ssh tunnel


Ty it was command problem and not mysql install xDD TY! 

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