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Account not available error message after installing multilanguage

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Hello everyone, 

i have finished installing a multilanguage found public online on my Source.

I am having some issues with the login after the installation.

While i try to login to the client i get the error message "Account not available".

All the cores are online without any crash, i have tried to check into the Syserr server and client and those are empty but while looking into the Auth SysLog i found something strange.

Kindly find attached the Syslog below:


Jan 18 17:17:07 :: SYSTEM: new connection from [] fd: 15 handshake 2407086018 output input_len 0, ptr 0x20f77700

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: Handshake: lower than zero -20

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: Handshake: client_time 0 server_time 84851

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: AUTH_PHASE 0x20f77700

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: InputAuth::Login : dado(4) desc 0x20f77700

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: SetLoginKey 1408921202

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: InputAuth::Login : key 1408921202:0x320de051 login dado

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: QID_AUTH_LOGIN: START 1408921202 0x20f77700

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: Create_Time 1666559722 20221023

Jan 18 17:17:07 :: Block Time -1

Jan 18 17:17:07 ::    NOTAVAIL


Do you have any suggestion on what can cause this specific issue?

Thank you very much for your answers in advance.


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Well, it means that you messed something with login query. Check input_auth.cpp or db.cpp and make sure you have added everything.
Btw why people are asking for help, without any information about the system they are trying to install? Maybe you just should ask the author or recheck the installation guide. Good luck

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thank you very much m2Ciaran for your help, yes it was an error on the input auth, i did something wrong on the query.
Sorry for not having mentioned the system before, but i tought that the Syslog is enough.

TMP4 btw, the system is on github, is a system by Rankacito, i am installing it and i want to adapt it to my source.


Not sure what is wrong with you accusing without even waiting for the post author to answer before.

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8 hours ago, TOXZIK said:

Not sure what is wrong with you accusing without even waiting for the post author to answer before.

It was just a meme, don't get too personally. 

But that multilang system is posted to this forum: 

And since you did not ask your question in the topic of the system and you didn't say which one u use, I could conclude that you just found a paid system.

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