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A bit of help here please.

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Hello,  Im Bruno.  Im trying to make my own metin2 server, before I buy a host  I wanted to make it on my PC .  I used VirtualBox, all good. working for me.

I just want a few friends to connect from their home to test things.  

I tried everything I found , different settings in VM ( NAT network, bridge etc ).  I made  forward ports  on my router, also shared the connection in windows with forward ports. 

Nothing seems to work. I must do something off.

Can someone who knows or did this  help me  a bit.

How to create  a server on my PC  so my few friends can join me on the server.  A little help on how / what to configure.  I read a lot but  I still didn't found exactly how to do it. and  im at a dead end here.

Thank you!.

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2 hours ago, TAUMP said:

Thank you for reply!,  well if I use the  "use current ip" it says Invalid remote address.

but if I search on google for my public ip adress and use that or use my real internal ip, I get that the ports are closed.

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