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Problems Creating Server ( probably noob problem :D )

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Hello to everyone, 

Yesterday I started creating a private server using the following guide:



for that i used the files recommended ([40250] Reference Serverfile + Client + Src [15 Available Languages]) by TMP4


When I'm trying to start the server i get this error:

mysql_real_connect: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client


I'm doing the server on VPS, I tried to do it with the same guide and files on VM and it works, but when I'm trying on my VPS i have that problem.

I've search several times on google and forums and i found "usefull" topics but unfortunately no one works for me.

Could someone give me some tips or how should I solve this error?

Thanks to every person that will have the time to help me.


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21 hours ago, Amun said:

FYI - When i wrote i searched on google and forums don't you think i saw already that post? was also linked in this forum for the same topic/issue i have, but wasn't working for me.

But thank you for try to help me, I think I'll just make some learning works on VM, mods can close the post.

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