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Problem after incrase Safebox and Inventory Page Size


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Hallo m2 Dev Com,


i have incrased my Inventory and normal Safebox Pagesize:


Inventory 5*9*4 -> 7*9*4

Safebox 5*9*3 -> 9*9*3


To do that, i have changed in my Server Source this Contents:


int p = wCell + (i * 7)

on case Inventory and Equipment



CGrid grid(9, MAX(1, pi->pSafebox->bSize) * 9);



#define SAFEBOX_MAX_NUM			243


safebox.cpp (all):

m_pkGrid = M2_NEW CGrid(9, m_iSize);




In the Client i have do the Same Way, i have replaced some Inventory Grids in Client and Server with my new. I have choosen the max possible Grid's under 255.

In Inventory i have 252 Slots.


Now my Problem is. After i put a Item into the Safebox or take one from them, then i got a Kick to Login.

The next Problem is, after i change my Equipment, nothing happens and my item on the first slot will change to the slot from the weapon.


In my serverside syserr is follow Content after Safebox Kick:

SYSERR: Oct 13 23:14:38 :: SetItem: Invalid Inventory type 0
SYSERR: Oct 13 23:14:38 :: Process: SEQUENCE 35319c00 mismatch 0x4e != 0x1 header 71
SYSERR: Oct 13 23:14:38 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [Endless]-------------


My Clientside syserr contains only:

CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR



Can someone help me? What is my Misstake?


With kind Regards, BlackEndless 🙂

All my Releases are stored on epvp ^-^

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Change the size of any field sense safebox, inventory, dragonsoul, take much more code than that will make. Take the tutorial indicate for LordZiege:

Dependes how many slots do you want to do, you must to change variable type in soucer game, db and binary, DataBase fields, and client side changes to.

I make my own changes in safebox, now i have 6 pages of 9x5 slots any, 270 slots, i dont chance my inventory, but takes similars steps. 

If yu want help, PM me.

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