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3 Stun bug fix, but which is the better?


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Hi !


One time again that's not a bug, just a 80% stun prob..


You just have to change it to 100%, use the #3 but without it:


            if (item->HasAttr(APPLY_IMMUNE_SLOW))
                SET_BIT(dwImmuneFlag, IMMUNE_SLOW);
            if (item->HasAttr(APPLY_IMMUNE_FALL))
                SET_BIT(dwImmuneFlag, IMMUNE_FALL);




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Yeah i know, it's not 100% (But not 80, it is 90%, you can edit this in char_resist.cpp)


int immune_pct = 90;
int percent = number(1, 100);

if (percent <= immune_pct)


So the bug is: (Shogun said http://metin2dev.org/board/topic/780-c-fix-stunbug/?p=5935)

"If the last item you equipped is not the shield, inmune doesn't work at all, that's the bug since the creation of Metin. "

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