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No yang in inventory from mob



On my server player is not getting yang in inventory, only what is dropped on the floor.. any idea how I can fix this so that player can receive yang directly from mob? atm getting 0 yang automatically received

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Posted (edited)

Are you sure you did something in the source code? It seems strange. I think you forgot to put deadlines on your accounts.


interest to you: autoloot_expire

Tips: Right click on account table -> design table, search x_expire field, and edit default, my example:


In this way, Default: is 2030, so, when you make an account, he reiceve this flag.

Usually, they are given through registration from the site. But, if you have a test server, I recommend that you do this to avoid forgetting about it.

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Posted (edited)

It actually came to me right after I made this post that this is what I should do haha. Nevertheless, your solution works like a charm! Thank you!

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