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daily quest structure in lua



Hello, I'm trying to make a daily quest and I wanted to ask you if the structure of this quest is correct or it is missing code or could have unexpected bug that i didn't calculate.

Is it correct to use set_state(start) at the end to make it repeatable? thank you

This is just an example

quest daily_quest begin
	state start begin
		when login or levelup with pc.get_level() >= 50 begin
			if get_time() > pc.getqf("daily_cd") then

		when letter with pc.get_level() >= 50 begin
			send_letter("Daily QUest")

		when button or info begin
			say_title("Daily QUesta")
			if ((get_global_time() - pc.getf("daily_cd","daily_wait_time")) < 60) then
				local remaining_wait_time = (pc.getf("daily_cd", "daily_wait_time") - get_global_time() + (60 * 60 * 24))
				say("You must wait for timer")
				say_reward("You can repeat in: "..get_time_remaining(remaining_wait_time)..'[ENTER]')
			say("Now you can repeat the quest.")

	state daily begin
		when letter begin
			send_letter("Daily quest")
		when button or info begin
			say_title("Daily quest")
			say("Daily quest active")

		// mission
		when 101.kill begin
			chat("daily quest completed.")
			pc.setf("daily_cd", "daily_wait_time", get_global_time());
			pc.setqf("daily_cd", get_time() + 60 * 60 * 24);



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