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Dear users i inform you that the beta ends in a few hours.
See you on Saturday 16th at the official opening of the server.

 Who will be the strongest nation?

  Best regards
  Wonder2 team

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Event list 08/11
- From 16:00 to 18:00 double drop (CEST).
- From 20:00 to 21:00 (CEST) in the Yongbi Desert map there will be many bosses.
- At 21:30 (CEST) the event begins finds [SA]Anark with a fantastic prize.

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- Added a new permanent event: Dungeons Bonus Boss (description here).

- You can now view the upgrade chance inside the improvement window.

- Metin of the Forests will now also drop x3 Solar Crystals.

- Metin of Tree Beings will now also drop x3 Gods Crystals.

- The Wedding Dress, Bouquet & Smoking was added at Old Lady store (who have bought it from item-shop have already get refunded the dragon coins).

- The Modification Charm was added at General Store (who have bought it from item-shop have received back the dragon coins).

- The Scroll of Lore Change was added at Gaya Shop.


- All the dungeons except Meley were rewrote (it should fix the bug that you usually get random when there was lot of dungeons at the same time).

Fixed the dungeons cooldown time inside the Dungeon Informations window.

- The biologist time waiting inside the window was fixed.

- The biologist waiting end notification was fixed.

- Fixed the absorption on costume stoles were working (they should work just on the normal stoles). Also all the costume stoles that have been absorbed till now have been reseted to random bonuses of their grades.

- You was able to transfer bonuses on the permanent normal hairstyles, it was fixed. Also all the normal hairstyles that received bonuses with the transfer bonuses system have been removed.


- The time of step to next step of all dungeons was decreased (now it runs faster).

- The unique items (keys & seals openers) of dungeons will not be removed anymore at login & also they have no more time limit. So if you are re-joining you will still have the required item (NOTE: the key is checked if was dropped in the same dungeon session where you try to use it, so if you're trying to use an item that was dropped in another dungeon it will not work).

- All the dungeons except Meley are now available for single & party.

- The drop chance of: Key of the Green Orcs was decreased by 2%.

Changes to Devils Tower:
----> The 2nd floor of Devils Tower has now just the Demon King spawned.
----> The 3rd floor of Devils Tower has now just 3 illusions & 1 real Metin.
----> On the 4th floor of Devils Tower you can now drop 5 Key Stones (you can complete the floor in one spawn).
----> The 6th floor of Devils Tower has now just the Metins spawned.
----> The last floor of Devils Tower has now just the Death Reaper spawned.

The steps of Devils Catacomb was changed:
----> Floor 1: find & destroy the right Metin Stone.
----> Floor 2: find & kill the real Tartaros to drop Grimace Totem with who you can destroy the Basalt Obelisk-
----> Floor 3: kill all the Metin stones & monsters then will appear Charon and you'will have to kill them.
----> Floor 4: kill Azrael.

The steps of Nemere's Watchtower was changed:
----> Floor 1: kill monsters till you drop the Frost Key & use it to go to the next floor.
----> Floor 2: by killing monsters you will drop North Stars, use them to open the Artics Cube (they will match always).
----> Floor 3: kill all the monsters and then will be spawned the Metin of Cold, you will have to destroy it to go to the next floor.
----> Floor 4: kill the real Szel.
----> Floor 5: destroy the North Dragon Pillar and then talk to the Ice Lion.
----> Floor 6: kill Nemere.

Changes to Ancient Pyramid Dungeon:
----> The labyrinth floor was removed.

- There are now just 2 bonus variables.

- The damage of Evil Azrael was decreased.

- The count of Special Snack that is inside the Dark Chest was decreased (to make it more valuable).

- The HP of: Hydra, Sphinx, Jotun Thrym, Strong Ochao Lord & Evil Azrael was increased.

- Both Metin Stones of the Enchanted Forest are now level 120.

- The drop of Exorcism Scroll, Concentrated Reading & Soul Stone was removed from Metin of the Forests & Metin of the Tree Beings.

- The Dragon Statues & Dragon Eggs from Meley is now a Fire element.


- The Meley dungeon will be disable till we rewrite them (in next patch will be available again).

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