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KingWars2-Level255-PvP-PvM-RO -> Home Gift <-->


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Server Name: KingWars2
Maximum level: 255
Start level: 1 (start level has changed to level 2 !!!
Open Channel: 1/4
site: http://new.kingwars2.ro/
Forum: https://new.kingwars2.ro/forum
Register: https://new.kingwars2.ro/users/register
Download: https://new.kingwars2.ro/download
Ranking: https://new.kingwars2.ro/ranking/players
ItemShop! : https://new.kingwars2.ro/shop/
At the beginning you receive a gift that offers you full pvm items + full weapons with pgm 50%




Yang: 1000%
Last steel evolution: Platosa Storm level 135 bonuses:


+4000 HP
3200 Defense
15% Critical Hit Chance.
20% Semi-People.
Last armor evolution 61 / DGA: Ice Plateau level 120 bonuses:


 +4000 HP
 Hard against semi-humans 25% 
 15% chance of critical hit 
 Defense 3000 
Evolution of armor 48: Plate of Lucifer level 155 bonuses:


+5000 HP
Hard against semi-humans 35%
20% chance of critical hit
Defense 3000
Last armor evolution 48: Rhino platter level 255 bonuses:


+5500 HP
Hard against semi-humans 40% 
25% chance of critical hit 
Defense 300 
Last armor on sv all Rhino races: image-2021-06-09-151817.png
Evolutii arma o mana: Lama saishu 255 lvl: saishu.jpg
Evolutii pumnale: cutite botososel 255 lvl: botosel.jpg
Desert Weapon It is evolving from the nymph weapon: desertica.jpg
Neo weapon It is evolving from the nymph weapon: neo.jpg
Items: 1000%
Experience: 1000%
Fierar: 100%
Fierar-Legendary: 100%
Permanent cloaks.
Shop Offline.
Yang unlimited.
System suits.
Skin weapon system.
Preview system items.
Belt system.
Switchbot implemented.
No 6/7 on the server.
No modes on the server.
Race offline shop.
Render target ON / OFF = Item preview.


Hide Players OX = ON / OFF
Change the implemented channel.
Login interface changed.
Create changed character.
Empire character changed.
Map1 changed all for Christmas.
Christmas map added + drop set.
Design NPCs have been changed on the server.
New mobi added to the server.
Bearded system implemented on the server.
System duel = duel with criticism or duel without criticism / penetration etc ..spacer.png

Online player / staff system.
Percent HP system = Players as well as mobi.
Info drop Mobi system implemented.
Chest View System Implemented on the server.
Shakes added to the server.
Sky textures = different textures.
Top damage system added to the server.
System info weapons added on the server. = You can see items from the players.
When someone gives you add to friends it is for 10 seconds.
Quest in shortcuts = lock exp / unlock exp:spacer.png

Change equipment added to the server:spacer.png

Classic pet system can not grow are fixed give bonuses.
Buffie shaman system everywhere added system.
Portable mount system = mount is always everywhere as a "CAL"spacer.png

Title system (give titles bonuses) implemented on the server.
Special slots + diamonds that give added bonuses on the server.
There will be more slots for special items that will give bonuses.
If I remember something I will add more
Server presentation:spacer.png

Link to full image: https://metin2.download/picture/va8cl7Kp3i3XHsiXHNjuHxDt3eB24olM/.jpg

Staff Team:
[OwN] AcroD
[GM] Wild 


Edited by Metin2 Dev
Core X - External 2 Internal
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