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-PATCH 0.0.3 Boss event prepared for the next days Moonlight box event prepared for the next few days Soulstones drop setting Drop medals fixed setting Mission lvl 47 bounty fixed Elixir of the eliminated biologist IS NO USE since the delivery time is ridiculous 30 min in the biologist, we have replaced this item that came out in rewards of bosses bosses etc for a pearl chest that will drop you a random pearl. Here you have a summary of the missions that have been changed: -Lvl 45 kill 1 orc boss: 450,000 yang, M sun elixir, M moon elixir and 1 pearl chest -Lvl 50 kill 1 esoteric leader reborn: 500,000 yang, 2 pearl chests, exp ring 1h. -Lvl 65 kill 1 flame king: 600,000 yang, 2 pearl chest, exp ring 1h. -Lvl 72 kill 1 reaper: 600,000 yang, soul stone, 1h exp ring, 3 chest pearls -Lvl 80 kill 1 yonghan captain: 750,000 yang, 10 clams and 5 chest pearls It only affected these.

-PATCH 0.0.4 Increased manual drop of generic drop mount by lvl on all mobs. Fixed the round that had an error. Other changes in security.

-PATCH 0.0.5 WEB FIXEADA attacks, we have implemented a new security system and there should be no more problems https://www.phoenix2.es/ Mining mission with fixed diamond vein and allow to mine diamond. Some translations implemented Enhanced security. We continue working day by day to improve the server! 😉


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1-Added drop of green potions from metines lvl 40-progressively increased the prob until 90.

2-Added in Baek-Go a fishing book crafting option for 1 salmon and 1 carp and 500k.

3-Added 3rd hand drop only in the route of demon kings, demon king of the blacksmith and the reaper, it is thrown by the 3 bosses until the reaper with progressively increased%. (This will also give you access to the third hand to pick up the yang at the highest levels, but you have to get it in a tower.)

4-Metines spawning 65% increased slight. 5-Some translations etc.

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1.Slightly increase the% drop of bags add and change bonuses in the following bosses: yellow tiger route, llama and 9 tails and slightly the bestial captain.

2.Increase the% in high lvl bosses of drop bags add and change bonuses like the witch, grotto captains, beran setaou, azrael etc.

3.Important change: the bag of enchanted item (change bonus) now does not drop 1-3 changes randomly but is increased a 2-5 change.

4.Added systems:

5.Phoenix protection: implemented a 5 second shield that is applied to the character once you die and makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds until you attack or you receive an auto attack or magic from whoever, this facilitates not being permanently dying when you fall to the ground leveling and they start attacking you the mobs and throw you to the ground 100 times and many other utilities. With this shield we fix that and we give it a very nice visual touch as well. (Photo below)

6.Yang log to see separately the yang you receive from the ground without mixing it with objects etc, it can be activated and deactivated (photo below)

7..Offline message system, as its name suggests, lets you send messages even when the recipient is offline. (photo below)

8. Boss event prepared to have it available starting today at 20:00 Spanish time, we will have the first, personalized map of the event, etc.

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1. Added in atlantea / grotto 1 at the door the 9 ELITE TAILS boss designed for those lvl 75+ a little stronger than normal. the% drop of this boss is higher than the 9 common queues in exchange bags, add etc and also drops bloodstone to enter atlantea, elixirs (automatic potions of several million hp / sp) (photo below)

2. Important drop change: now the Setaou, from Atlantean 1, throw change bags and add bonuses to unblock the pressure of bossing and invading lower lvl bosses. The% drop of these bags increases As in clams, as soon as we advance to atlantea 2, the setaou of more lvl increases the% drop of bags of those and clams. (photo below) 3.ADDED BELTS: beware, we have decided to add 2 belts to the server, one of lvl 50 and the other of lvl 70, both are linked to a mission that is activated at lvl 50 and 70 respectively, you will have to work the mission to get these PVM belts, which give hp, force monsters, exp, etc. There are 2 special hunting missions called Massacre of the Fel Archer and the Millennial Fighter. These belts in addition to the passive active an inventory compartment to store things as in the official, below I leave photos. (photo below)

4. Added drop of automatic potis in the main bosses, the medium elixirs are thrown by the trio of nine tails, tiger and king flame. (photo below) Then the big elixirs reaper, witch, charon, grotto generals. And finally the giant elixirs are thrown by the hardest bosses azrael and beran.

5. Security patch against ddos attacks.

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1. 100HP WHEN DEATH IMPLEMENTED, that is to say when reviving now in the same point / city we will appear with MAX HP AND SP at the top to be able to continue leveling or kissing well without being pulled again, this added to the 5sec shield system makes this idea quite easy.

2.ATLANTEA 2 REPOPLED, setaous respawn and number of mobs considerably to avoid empty rooms and make leveling easier. (photo below)

3.EXP ATLANTEA 2 rework, that is, the experience from the white setaou of less lvl and more lvl the red ones of 95 etc the exp has been increased. considerably and also fixed a problem that had with your experience.

4. BUFFS AFTER DEATH SYSTEM: that is, a new system that we activate from the ON / OFF game settings by which if we have it on we will not lose the buffs placed on us when we die and if we have it off then the we will lose basically. (photo below)

5. 9 elite tails increased the base level to 80 to favor the drop of the same to the pjs from 75-80 6. ANTICHEAT / IMPROVED FISHING BOT.

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1.Added bosseo and dungeon heroic shield the new shield implemented is PVM lvl 85 which It will help you with the whole issue of leveo and bosses especially that gives us strength against monsters up to 20% and hp up to 2k (photo) The drop of this shield falls on Azrael, Charon and Witch.

2.Now in the biologist we have all the stones of his missions to be able to craft them like the baek go system. (Photo)

3.Green and Purple Enhancement Herbs are now Stakeable. (Photo)

4. Skin wings added in the Item Shop.

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