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[HELP] (compile error) /usr/local/bin/ld: cannot find -lsql



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I just came back from work and depression, and i want to continue my server development.
I wanted to compile my server to see, its working or not.
First time, i did, and it worked, nothing wrong with it.
Two days later, i wanted to compile again, and it not worked. (did nothing in this 2 days with my server, only playing with other game.(only changed 2 item-description))

pic: https://metin2.download/picture/8PIlJvh1OopBI9Oz0eOV1A3TW7FAF0UR/.png
Info about freebsd: 9.2-RELEASE i386

I dont know what is this error, cuz i dont have this location:  /usr/local/bin/ld   (maybe this is the problem, i really dont know, i never met with this type of errors)

Appreciate if you can help me.

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59 minutes ago, cncn said:

Compile libsql again. Check the makefile for libdir.

Already restarted everything with clear files, and slowly reuploaded my files into it. Working (i didnt tried your answer, but thanks!)

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