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Error Server ON VPS



Hello everyone, are you alright? I hope so ❤️ My question is as follows ... I added the server in a vps-GoogleCloud Freebsd 12.2 I installed the server, but I'm having these errors

1-Error after opening server sh start.sh


2-my comand   ee /etc/rc.conf


3-my /usr/src/game/src  config.cpp


4-my /usr/game/server/ch1/core_1


5-possible settings that sometimes help with something/vps


6-my ifconfig


7-my /etc/rc.d/netif restart





Desde de já agradeço muito vocês eu aprendo muito coisa por aqui s2



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5 hours ago, Premium said:

hiiiii  Karbust, 



how are you? so... some lines I can't find, should I add them?

For exemple

in my desc.cpp


in topic 


Ignore my define, I usually disable it on localhost, unless I have friends joining in.

void DESC::SendLoginSuccessPacket()
	TAccountTable & rTable = GetAccountTable();

	TPacketGCLoginSuccess p;


	p.handle     = GetHandle();
	p.random_key = DESC_MANAGER::instance().MakeRandomKey(GetHandle()); // FOR MARK
	thecore_memcpy(p.players, rTable.players, sizeof(rTable.players));

	for (int i = 0; i < PLAYER_PER_ACCOUNT; ++i)
		if (!g_stProxyIP.empty())
		CGuild* g = CGuildManager::instance().GetLinkedGuild(rTable.players[i].dwID);

		if (g)
			p.guild_id[i] = g->GetID();
			strlcpy(p.guild_name[i], g->GetName(), sizeof(p.guild_name[i]));
			p.guild_id[i] = 0;
			p.guild_name[i][0] = '\0';

	Packet(&p, sizeof(TPacketGCLoginSuccess));



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