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Once upon a time...


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Once upon a time, in 2009, a 14 year old student just finished his school work and way on the way home. On his way back, he was with a friend. This friend just discovered a new video game, a MMORPG! This friend just advised him to play! The student came back home to rush on his computer and download this new game, Metin2, without doing his homework.

This was the beginning of a great journey! The student played during a year on the official French servers, ran by the Gameforge company. The student was now 15. He played, played more and played again during hours and hours, days and nights, nothing could stop him... Without a coin, the student tried to cheat his way to earn more yangs on the game, poor fella, he got banned by the [GM].

The student played with his childhood friend on Metin2, both of them were Metin2-holics. One evening, as they played together, his friend told him : "It would be great if you could create... like, a private Metin2 server?". Without even noticing, it was the beginning of a new journey.

The student was at ease with computers, done a few researches on Google in order to find a tutorial on how to create your own metin2 server. He found a young forum, a french community related to Metin2. Without further ado, he logged-in, it was a night of February of 2009, the 11th at 00:12. iSaCoO² was then the member number 444 to register on Funky Emulation.

It was not a piece of cake, but the new member succeded in creating a Metin2 private server for him and his friend! Both of them wanted to play on the new server!

In 2013, iSacoO² decided to call it a day, he paused and during this hiatus he discovered a new game, Minecraft! Another great story that he might tell someday...

In 2015, iSaCoO² came back on Funky Emulation, more enclined than ever! At the same time he changed his nickname into ASIKOO. ASIKOO was active and beloved on this forum, quickly he got promoted to Moderator by Calypso (The current Administrator of Funky Emulation) in order to replace Hardy89 who just left his role.

In 2017, ASIKOO got promoted to Administrator on Funky Emulation in order to help Calypso on the forum management. The first ever project ASIKOO achieved, through the help of Kijaru, was to migrate the board core, MyBB, into Invision Power Service core, IP. Board. The second project of ASIKOO was to save and back-up all the archives and screenshots of all the differents tutorials in order to save them into his own internal storage.

In 2019, his friend Xayah told ASIKOO a bad news. A news that made him sad. A Metin2 developpement community was about to close. His friend then contacts the owner of Metin2 Dev in order to get intels related to the selling of the board. ASIKOO & Calypso then discussed the potential purchase of Metin2 Dev.

At the end of 2019, ASIKOO & Calypso propose an offer to the owner of Metin2 Dev by putting forward the forum management since 2009 of Funky Emulation. Their offer is accepted. ASIKOO & Calypso are now officially the owners of Metin2 Dev. Another great journey is beginning...

In 2020, their third project and the priority for ASIKOO if the cleaning on Metin2 Dev and the back-up of the archives and screenshots into the internal storage. The fourth project is the continuity of the latter, it is the creation of a new download center for Metin2. Funky Emulation and Metin2 Dev are Metin2 communities, it was necessary to centralize the download links of both forums. Metin2 Download was born.

In 2021, you are his story.

This is my story,

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If you want to contact the M2Dev team, please open a ticket on the Discord server...


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