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Hello maniacs,

I've made this post mostly to share knownledge, studies or questions about the Metin1 Server files (2008)


I personally tried, and failed, to start the files correctly on a modern FreeBSD machine (due to issues with localization) I suppose some patching to the game will be required to get that running.


This is the link to the server files:

If you install FreeBSD 5 + Mysql 4 it should work


I'll try to update this topic when I have time with some stuff I found on the files, but everyone can join I guess


Here's some stuff I've discovered:

Command lines

"(-- )( --)" -> full screen "( --)(-- )" -> windowed


Root files

if the file "newpatch.exe" is found, MTS will launch "MetinPatchUpdater.exe" This behavour is similar to what METIN2 does when it launches PatchUpdater.exe is newpatch.exe is found

if a file called "console" is found, MTS will create a probably DEBUG console

If you create a file called "patch.exe" MTS will try to move "patch.exe" into "metin.exe"


Tar unpacker


This is a quick python unpacker of MTS files

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You can also find a complete explaination of the file format here: https://metin2.dev/wiki/index.php?title=TarPackage


Good luck with your experiments


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2 minutes ago, Mali61 said:

This might be one of the many METIN1 servers around in china, I am unsure what client they use but it would be fun to login and try

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Everyday you wake up as a Metin2 developer is a bad day...

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On 6/26/2021 at 5:19 PM, mylove said:

hi , if you like metin1   I can help you !  i,am Chinese , an i can make  metin1 server!

post a tutorial here, nobody will stop you 🤔

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Everyday you wake up as a Metin2 developer is a bad day...

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Any news about METIN1 servers? 

I'm looking for opportunities as Community Manager/Tester



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