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Mount not attacking



Hello there, i am working on martysama 4.9 extended, with costume_mount type etc. 

I searched over the internet about this "issue" (most likely i am the dumb in question) ,but marty surely had something in his mind. 


In InstanceBase.cpp i have this kind of lines:

eMountType GetMountLevelByVnum(DWORD dwMountVnum, bool IsNew)
	if (!dwMountVnum)

	switch (dwMountVnum)
		// ### YES SKILL
		// @fixme116 begin
		case 20107: // normal military horse (no guild)
		case 20108: // normal military horse (guild member)
		case 20109: // normal military horse (guild master)
			if (IsNew)
				return MOUNT_TYPE_NONE;
		// @fixme116 end
		// Classic
		case 20110: // Classic Boar
		case 20111: // Classic Wolf
		case 20112: // Classic Tiger
		case 20113: // Classic Lion
		case 20114: // White Lion
		// Special Lv2
		case 20115: // Wild Battle Boar
		case 20116: // Fight Wolf
		case 20117: // Storm Tiger
		case 20118: // Battle Lion (bugged)
		case 20205: // Wild Battle Boar (alternative)
		case 20206: // Fight Wolf (alternative)
		case 20207: // Storm Tiger (alternative)
		case 20208: // Battle Lion (bugged) (alternative)
		// Royal Tigers
		case 20120: // blue
		case 20121: // dark red
		case 20122: // gold
		case 20123: // green
		case 20124: // pied
		case 20125: // white
		// Royal mounts (Special Lv3)
		case 20209: // Royal Boar
		case 20210: // Royal Wolf
		case 20211: // Royal Tiger
		case 20212: // Royal Lion
		case 20215: // Rudolph m Lv3 (yes skill, yes atk)
		case 20218: // Rudolph f Lv3 (yes skill, yes atk)
		case 20225: // Dyno Lv3 (yes skill, yes atk)
		case 20230: // Turkey Lv3 (yes skill, yes atk)
		// @fixme116 begin
		case 20104: // normal combat horse (no guild)
		case 20105: // normal combat horse (guild member)
		case 20106: // normal combat horse (guild master)
			if (IsNew)
				return MOUNT_TYPE_NONE;
		// @fixme116 end
		case 20119: // Black Horse (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20214: // Rudolph m Lv2 (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20217: // Rudolph f Lv2 (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20219: // Equus Porphyreus (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20220: // Comet (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20221: // Polar Predator (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20222: // Armoured Panda (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20224: // Dyno Lv2 (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20226: // Nightmare (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20227: // Unicorn (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20229: // Turkey Lv2 (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20231: // Leopard (no skill, yes atk)
		case 20232: // Black Panther (no skill, yes atk)
		// ### NO SKILL NO ATK
		// @fixme116 begin
		case 20101: // normal beginner horse (no guild)
		case 20102: // normal beginner horse (guild member)
		case 20103: // normal beginner horse (guild master)
			if (IsNew)
				return MOUNT_TYPE_NONE;
		// @fixme116 end
		case 20213: // Rudolph m Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
		case 20216: // Rudolph f Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
		// Special Lv1
		case 20201: // Boar Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
		case 20202: // Wolf Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
		case 20203: // Tiger Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
		case 20204: // Lion Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
		case 20223: // Dyno Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
		case 20228: // Turkey Lv1 (no skill, no atk)
			return MOUNT_TYPE_NONE;



But nothing useful in pvp.cpp, and i don't want to mess with what i might not find through the files.

I don't want to add random lines just to "work", since he has something going on here already that we can use, but i don't know where to look after.


Does someone have the solution for this? Pretty please! 


Thank you!


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13 hours ago, Nino said:

It might sound silly, but did you level up your horse level 11 before trying to attack with it ?

You can put "/horse_level YourName 11" in game for make it.



jesus christ.. i had level 40 set from gm command /all_skill_master and it was bugged for horse. Changing it with the standard comand, it was ok for level above 11 to 30

Thank you so much!

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