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On 4/10/2019 at 12:42 AM, VegaS™ said:

For those who use martysama0134 source:

#define ENABLE_ITEMAWARD_REFRESH // Should be enabled


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Perfect, this was the solution. instead to enable auto login for item shop in game?


This is the function to be integrated in the game for the autologin on the shop / shop / login? Pid = $ playerID & key = $ code
This is the link to insert.
$ playerID and $ code are 2 variables
that you have to generate by code.
$ playerID is the id of the player, as you can guess.
$ code is md5 ($ playerID. $ accountID. "kkJduLRw8n7vz2Gm")




    char country_code[3] = "ro";
    char buf[512+1];
    char sas[33];
    MD5_CTX ctx;
    const char sas_key[] = "kkJduLRw8n7vz2Gm";

    snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%u%u%s", ch->GetPlayerID(), ch->GetAID(), sas_key);

    MD5Update(&ctx, (const unsigned char *) buf, strlen(buf));
    MD5End(&ctx, sas);

    snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "mall https://shop/login?pid=%u&c=%s&sid=%d&sas=%s",
            g_strWebMallURL.c_str(), ch->GetPlayerID(), ch->GetAID(), sas_key);

    ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_COMMAND, buf);



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