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It's almost 6 years old stuff. It came with the 15.7 update.

I know it's shared for free already. But It was all very bad and was using mysql for no reason.

I did it for myself. Root side is from the leaked root file in 2018.


Official servers uses mask types and subtypes. 
90% do not use those types, including me. Maybe @xP3NG3Rxis using, I don't know.


So I edited it for types and subtypes.(2014)

Actually I finished. I'll just add few more types and subtypes soon.


It's working in same cores. 

To use the LOOKING GLASS, you must be on the same map with the shop.


It does not matter for TRADING GLASS either.




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#All(no type or subtype check)


With Cheque System:



Without Cheque System:



Now shop opens directly:


Edited by Metin2 Dev
Core X - External 2 Internal
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2 hours ago, Exxo said:

Would be nice to be able to buy the item direct from the search :) 

I have the same system for search. Maybe you can edit it to buy direct instead show direction? @Mali61

I can not sorry :(

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1 hour ago, naoestu said:


No download link?

Another topic.

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