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Question about mob_drop_item.txt



Hello people, the first, i hope all goes well, i write this post, because I wanted to know if someone could answer me a few questions about the mob_drop_item.txt.

The question is that I was wondering if there is any way to make a random object drop from +0 to +9 in the mob_drop, without having to add the same id repeatedly, that is, for example this is the normal mob_drop:

Group Nazox
Type drop
Mob 171
1 11290 1 20
2 11295 1 10
3 11299 1 10

and my idea:
Group Nazox
Type drop
Mob 171
1 11290~99 1 20
or something else xD!, I also wanted to know if there is any way to balance the drop, since if for example I place a 50% drop, when killing many mobs that item falls many times, but if on the contrary I place a normal number like 2 it hardly falls, as shown Could I do so that it does not fall too much so fast or so little, that is to say in equilibrium? I know this would be via source, but any ideas?

I see @VegaS™  talk about Wikipedia has a API to get said files with that drop, because i want something like official mob_drop_item.txt thanks.


Nicks: Nazox Krone Nagato Yahiko Yakiro
Proyecto: Trabajando en el.
Compañeros & firma: DreamHQ  - 2009-2015 [Nostalgia]

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