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How can i talk to a NPC via Python?



Hey, how can i talk to a specific NPC?

I know about

vid = player.GetTargetVID()

but with this, the NPC has to be marked.


The problem is, the vid of this specific NPC always changes if i teleport away.


Is there a way, how i can scan the vid of a specific NPC nearby and automatic talk to it, if im in x range?

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CPythonCharacterManager has functions like CharacterInstanceBegin and CharacterInstanceEnd so you can iterate over the characters nearby like:

TPixelPosition myPos;

CPythonCharacterManager& chrMgr = CPythonCharacterManager::instance();
for (auto it = chrMgr.CharacterInstanceBegin(); it != chrMgr.CharacterInstanceEnd(); ++it)
	if (CInstanceBase* ch = *it)
		TPixelPosition otherPos;
		if(GetPixelPositionDistance(myPos, otherPos) <= SOME DISTANCE && some other thing to identify your npc)


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