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Inbuilt animation on weapons/sashs




A few weeks ago I was testing the inbuilt animation published by B4RC0D3 in this same forum, it caused me a lot of curiosity and I tried to adapt it for the sash system but I had no luck, I even tried to contact him to ask if he had managed to finish this part and there was no reply.


My question is, is it possible to make weapons/sash have this inbuilt animation function and how difficult could it be to adapt it? Maybe a programming professional on this forum would like to give some clue as to how this could be possible.


Original topic I mentioned: 


I appreciate your attention, thanks for reading.

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I posted a solution there.

Just have to add the partid of the sashes where you see

switch (i)
	case CRaceData::PART_WEAPON:
	case CRaceData::PART_WEAPON_LEFT:


and the first code snippet to where you attach the sashes.

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