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[Question]Random client crash with no syserr



Hello, metin2dev community!

I'm encountering a very strange problem with a new serverfile I'm working on.

Sometimes, when I change the character or I teleport etc, right after the loading screen the client crashes.

I get no syserr in the serverside(also the syslog looks ok) or clientside, only a minidump generated by the client with this error:

Unhandled exception at 0x007A89BE (Metin2Client.exe) in metin2client_40999_20201017_200808.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x03C00000.

I tried turning off the antivirus(I thought that maybe it's using some files or detecting them as virus and that is the cause, but nothing changed).

If I unpack the client in D:/ymir work it doesn't crash anymore.

Does anyone have any idea..?

Thank you!

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In Visual Studio, after debugging, I came up to this:

Metin2Client.exe!memcpy(unsigned char * dst, unsigned char * src, unsigned long count) Line 194.

But I don't know how to find out actually  where is this line located.

In Debug version of the client there's no crash.


The topic can be closed now.

After playing around with some things, even though the debug outcome didn't bring me any result I've found the problem.

Actually, it was only a problem about the loading and loading bar images, i don't know why this happened.

I replaced the images with mine and moved them into locale(they were in ETC/UI before) and the problem is gone(yay).

Thank you for the answer ASIKOO, at least now I've learned a new thing(that you can live debug metin2).



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Found out the answer, yay
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