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hi everyone. i looking for someone whos know the render target system all secret. i contact with V0lvox and waitin the answer, but i think he'll no have time for help me with everything. what i want : implement the system fully without incoming bugs. (i installed the system, but have so much bug what came with that). if youre prefer bugfix and no re-add the system thats no problem. in following lines i text which bugs i have. bug 1 : item bonuses show 2 times (under the wearable text show again all information except the damage values). bug 2 : if i enable body costume render the normal sword does not appear. bug 3 : dagger does no appear. bug 4 : if i wear weapon show effect on target gui but weapon no (clear effect). bug 5 : sashes not show. contact me in pm or discord : Extra#0318 thanks.

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edit2 / update2 / feedback2 : bug5 (sash visible) already solved. + feature working : sash costume system added succesfully, transmutation system implemented succesfully to weapon, armor, costume weapon, costume hair, costume body. missing features : target mount, target pet, target effect item. if you feel how could help for me the following features please contact and i share the implemented features with you. discord : Extra#0318

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