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M2 Beta Screens


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  • 9 months later...

Update Time!

The following three folders have been added:

  • Equipment

In Equipment you can find wiki shots from the Chinese beta (circa 2004?).
Some armour and weapons look slightly different than today.

  • Metin2 VN

In Metin2 VN you can find the Vietnamese Metin version (Cold War - Return of the Metin2). Among other things, there are pictures of their beta and all the trailers.

  • New

In "New" you will find all kinds of new pictures. This folder is divided into "Ingame", "Real" and "Promo". I will dissolve the folder in the coming weeks - Moving the pictures into the main folders! However, I still have to do a duplicate check on some of the pictures.

There are a few "highlights" here:

  • Never seen monsters in the demon tower + the beta version of the tower.
  • The execution of a beta skill (shaman). This can now be found partly reworked in the Yohara update.

@LastSamurai23 has an entire thread on this!


  • Unknown CBT 2003 Screens (unfortunately in LQ)
  • Footage from the YMIR HQ

Some details:

  • Open Beta started on 2th July 2004 at 4pm - there were two servers.
  • Closed Beta ended on 29th June 2004 at 12pm.
  • On 21th April 2004: Helmets, earrings and bow + arrows were added.
  • On 28th April 2004:
    Monster drops were introduced, the "status level" got increased from 11 to 21, group attacks by monsters were enabled and the first portal was added, namely those between Map1 and Map2.
  • On 19th May 2004, the storage got implemented, the global chat was activated and the savezone got implemented.
  • On 25th June 2004, many skills were added (warriors and ninjas).
  • X4pzPwJ.pngwas the first version of "Blessing of Life". +50 HP immediately.
  • Skills were revised 3 times in total.


Thanks for your help @CHMarvin  ❤️

Edited by Metin2 Dev
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