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How to create map coordinates

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Version of Files : 40k

Hello everyone! 


1. Description of the problem / Question :

So i added a new map to my server. Until here, everything ok. But the map came with 0, 0 Base position(in setting.txt) so I have to make the coordinates. Is there any rule, or how should I make them? Or can I find the coordinates in some file inside the map? 

I tried putting

975397000 x 307205900

Actually, it teleports me near the map(the map is a dungeon) in a dark space. Do you know how to fix it? 



4. Screenshots ?



Thanks, Sincerly,


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about the coordinates, it should be able to be divided by 256


On 6/28/2020 at 9:42 PM, TMP4 said:

If the coordinates of the map can't be divided by 256, it will cause a lots of problem. (2600000/256=10156.25 so it will be bad)

For example the server_attr will be slided, so the block, pvp, water areas will not 100% there where you placed, also if you go to the slide's opposite side you'll get kicked out because there is nothing there according to the server, because it is slided in the other way   

(This is because the maps are stricted to areas, and 1 area's size is 256x256)




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