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In the name of the forum administration team, I would like to give you a warm welcome to metin2dev.


You may ask, what makes this forum different from others?


Many communities have been built around the subject of modifications for Ymir's Metin2. However, truly original and groundbreaking releases are often found mixed with others that are ripped, or of little value. A famous german forum even managed to gather a small non-german community around it, yet no real attempt was yet made to put germans, spanish, polish, turkish, romanians..., all the Metin2 lovers around the world, in contact with each other.


Therefore, the goal of metin2dev is to gather that part of the global Metin2 scene that is primarily interested in game design or development -leaving subjects such as cheats or hacking out of the scope of this community- and to give its deserved value, once again, to the efforts of the artists and programmers that really make a difference showing us skills that, sometimes, outshine that of reputed game publishers. Metin2dev is, to sum it up, a forum made by creators for creators.


We welcome you, once again, to showcase your work, offer your services or provide help to others in this new community, or even become part of our moderator team if you are a forum junkie. Please note we are still setting up everything and some things may not work as intended. In such case, please drop InyaProductions, Martin or Chuck a PM.


Kind regards,


The metin2dev administration team

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