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40k Files Help Please



Hi , can you give me a sf in english(is better to translate for me if it is in english) with 40k ? And client for it :D Best sf on internet if you can ... and a classic one,just like gf server,without any fucking stupid tools or something because i want to change it how i want :) thx 

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So let me see if i understood you right: You want a sf with a full translate.lua in english, and unbuged, and clasic. Should i give you some money too? To pay the translator eventually....

Dude, no one will give you his work for free...

Compile your own game, or use a alredy commpiled one, with GF quests, and translate by yourself the translate.lua file. You won't get a more classic sf than that.

Good luck.


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I was hoping for an already translated sf ( lol,there on internet are 20000 sf ) with 40k and a client for it ... and stay chill,my server wont be in english/de so i need to translate it :)

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