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Hi everyone,


Today I would like all fellow server owners who are reading this, to give some tought to the very people who give a sense to our creations, and how they are being treated by us, because this is one of the reasons behind the metin2dev project. I am not talking here about the support we give to our own players, as that is something that only concerns your server. I am talking at how the player is being treated generally by the private server scene.


First and most insulting is how people exhibit other's personal data as a trophy in public. I am talking about the infamous account.sql / loginchecker releases, of which my server was once a victim too. This thievery has turned into a sad sport for a part of the Metin2 scene.


But that's not all. There's also the cash-cow server networks. You know those guys who open a server after another pretending they are someone else, and close them as soon as they get bored of it. There's the toplists with empty servers who buy votes being ranked on first page. There's, of course the DDoSers: in the last 2 years it seems everyone got a booter or two and find it fun to destroy players' enjoyment because of something the owner said or did.


Another sad fact (at least for me) is how all the popular Metin2 sites are primarily about hacking and cheating. I don't know about you, but I find it stupid to share a forum with my worst enemies. This was a strong reason for creating metin2dev. What profile of player are we attracting to our servers? People who hack, cheat, and don't value their game time, because the server may go down at any moment, or your account may be stolen by a hacker or any of the hundreds of idiots who download their "releases".


Is this lack of stability that is turning people away, particularly people who have the money to support the servers, because those will be the most demanding with their gaming time. And don't tell me that this is just because of the game's age: Metin2 playercount is actually stabilizing after Webzen's purchase, as you can see here.


Let's face it: if we want to keep doing what we know and like for a long time, we better bury the booters and botnets and take the opportunity that destiny gave us to make something really different. Otherwise, there will be a day that there's nothing but empty servers DOSing each other, while any player who values their time will be on the official version.


Thanks for reading.

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