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Biologist quest problems.



Is there any way to delete the quests from the biologist and the rewards that were given to players by the quests ( like 10% movement speed, and etc )? What i mean with "delete" it's to make it so the characters would look like they didn't make that quests.

Is it from player/quest ( in mysql )?


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In that table the server saves all character's affects (such as skills, biologist affects, etc), so, I guess the only way to know which affect is from biologist is taking a look to the affect type and the value (from your quests and comparing it with those from the table).


BUT! I think you can use a quest for it, like this one (if I ain't wrong):


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when you return 0 and server doesn't boot:


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player -> affect

Is there any way to distinguis which is which? Or are all of them from the biologist? 

If i empty that table, what would happen in the worst case?

And is this all i have to do? nothig to do with player -> quest ?



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