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client syserr



hello, i have some problems with the new snow mobs, when i summon or i just take contact with them i get this error in syserr (client):
0707 15:01:20114 :: CreateFromMemoryFile: Cannot create texture
0707 15:01:27315 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[20397] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/npc/ICE_lionstone/ICE_lionstone.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:01:27328 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[20398] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/npc/ice_keybox/ice_keybox.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:01:27609 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[20399] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/npc/ice_stonepillar/ice_stonepillar.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:02:06576 :: CRaceData::RegisterMotionData - LoadMotionData(c_szFileName=d:/ymir work/monster2/firegolem_magician/back_standup.msa) ERROR
0707 15:02:30274 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[6101] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/monster2/ice_snow_monster/ice_snow_monster1.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:02:33282 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[6102] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/monster2/ice_snow_insect/ice_snow_insect1.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:02:34076 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[6103] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/monster2/ice_snow_man/ice_snow_man1.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:02:34761 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[6104] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/monster2/ice_snow_giant_man/ice_snow_giant_man1.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:02:40511 :: CRaceManager::RegisterRacePath : RACE[6105] LOAD MSMFILE[d:/ymir work/monster2/ice_snow_golem/ice_snow_golem1.msm] ERROR. Will Find Another Path.
0707 15:02:48905 :: CRaceData::RegisterMotionData - LoadMotionData(c_szFileName=d:/ymir work/monster2/icegolem_magician/back_standup.msa) ERROR
And i have one more problem with icegolem_magician, i can't attack him, he's not moving or attacking. I need to use /pull command to get him to his real position to be allow to kill him. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance!
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I see that these mobs have probems with their script, so get them from another client. :)

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