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[ENG][PvP-PvM] LesticKMT2 - 09/11/2018

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Hi community!

I present you a server that will open 09/11/18 (this friday) around 21h.


Server Info:

Server Language: Inglês

MAx LvL: 105 (Por enquanto);

Doesn't have 6/7 bonuses;

Experience table and experience given by monsters were manually changed!

Items won't have +0/+9 status! It will only be the "+9", this meaning that the item is at its maximum status, but without the "+9". Although the PvM Weapons have a "weaker" version of themselves, they upgrade to the "normal" weapons!

Bonuses come always at maximum;

Systems: costume(armor, hair, weapon), mounts(simple), smokes, pet(simple) and sash. There's a belt system too, but not in use YET;


Before the presentation image, here's some info:



Currently we are 2, our 3rd member is in "stand-by". We are a dedicated team, who are able to listen to criticisms and suggestions  so we can be ALWAYS improving! We want with the help of our players, keep the server "in update", this means, with big updates every once in a while.. Dungeons, new sets, weapons,armors, accessories, more levels, etc.

We are already preparing for a new big update, when we got a few players maximum level!


WebSite: Home Page

Discord: Invite


The website can be offline during this period, since we are still on the final run. Between tomorrow and friday, the website will be updated with download available! The registry will be available on the 9th of this month, noon. Once the registry is available, you will only be able to connect at the opening hour! This will all be communicated on our discord server!


I'll leave you with the server presentation image.

Thank you for your attention!

LesticKMT2 Team



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